Lincoln the Movie

Photo Credit: Smithsonian Magazine

This weekend my family and I went to see the interesting movie Lincoln.  Being a history buff and loving drama I thought this movie was quite engaging.

I thought that the movie had fantastic scenes that looked realistic to the 1850’s. The movie which has had great reviews did not live up to my full expectations. The film was mostly about the 13th amendment which was abolishing slavery in the United States at that time.  I have seen many of Stephan Spielberg’s films and this one was not as great as his others.

The constant arguing, debating and dissing each other in the senate were the best parts. The arguing produces an imaginary heat that seems to reach you and it makes you feel like you are there. Also White House rooms are decorated like the 1850’s and the desks are full of clutter. The actors were very real and dramatic in their own parts. The debating that went on in the house of reps was so realistic, I felt that I was living in that day with this enormous storm of the civil war hanging over the country’s head.

The other dramatical part of the movie was Lincoln’s family problems. His son wants to join the army and Mary Todd Lincoln is acting strange while Abe Lincoln threatens to throw her into a mental hospital.

Although the movie was excellent, there were limited cons. For example, there was minimum swearing. There were also some sections that might gross out people such as amputated limbs being thrown into a pile and Lincoln in bed with blood on a pillow behind him.

Overall I thought the movie was interesting and informing and the photography was awesome. In my opinion a lot of people would like this movie.


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