That’s My Boy

Andy Samberg, Adam Sandler

Columbia Pictures

I would recommend That’s My Boy to anyone who loves comedy movies, because this movie is hilarious. It has great actors in it too, such as Adam Sandler who plays the father (Donny Berger), Andy Samberg who plays the son (Han Solo Berger), Leighton Meester who plays the teacher/mom (Ms. McGarricle), and Vanilla ice who plays as Donny’s friend.

That’s My Boy takes place in 1984 and is about a 13-year-old boy in middle school named Donny Berger who gets his teacher pregnant. Ms. McGarricle gets sent to jail for 30 years for having an inappropriate relationship with Donny, and 9 months later gives birth to a baby boy who has to be taken in by Adam Sandler. Donny became famous for what he did, but as time goes by he is forgotten and his son moves out.

Now it is the year 2012, and Donny is a 42-year-old bum because he blew all his money. Donny finds out that he owes $43,000 to the IRS for not paying his taxes and if he doesn’t get the money by the end of the weekend, he will be put in jail for 3 years. He places a wager on an obese athlete named Tubby Tuke to come in first place in a marathon. As a back up plan, Donny got someone to offer $50,000 if he reunites Han Solo and Ms. McGarricle at the women’s prison.

Little does Donny know that his son Han is getting married to a woman named Jamie that exact weekend at his boss’s house on Cape Cod. So Donny invites himself to stay at the house for the wedding and discovers that Jamie is cheating on Han! Not only that but Han doesn’t want to get reunited with his mom a day before his wedding. Watch That’s My Boy to see the ending.


4 thoughts on “That’s My Boy

  1. I think you did a great job giving a good amount of information and not too much to give everything away. I think it is a really good post!

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