Romney’s “Intelligent” Thoughts on Iran

Photo Credit: DonkeyHotey

The country of Iran has a nuclear program that they claim to be using as a clean energy source. Assumed by many, the leaders in charge of the program are not planning to use the nuclear power wisely, but are plotting a violent attack on their enemy, Israel.

First off, Governor Romney says that when he is president, he wants to send troops into Iran to disrupt their nuclear program. Okay “Governor”- good luck with that. The last thing this country needs is a leader who thinks the main enemy of the United states is Russia. *Ahem.* Washington DC from the 1980’s called and they want their enemies back.

Secondly, it is a bad idea to cause a violent war with a country that can send nuclear missiles at us. Fortunately, knowing our government, the US would remove our troops in the middle east and then bomb Iran before their own government had a thought about planning an attack on us.

We can just hope that “Governor” Romney doesn’t end up as president. It is crystal clear that he will cause a larger war with the middle east. The best idea in my view would be to monitor Iran, but not to take action unless vital.



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