Keep out.

Millions of immigrants come over the border of the United States and Mexico. Do you really want poverty ridden illegal immigrants coming into this country and causing problems? Having higher security would solve some of the many problems many problems our country faces.

These illegal immigrants are taking the jobs of legal American citizens, because they will work for less. With the unemployment so high, and all of these illegal immigrants taking the jobs that legal Americans should have, it is just not fair.

There are more and more immigrants coming in, and it is becoming a major problem. As it is, there are already so many immigrants coming in. It is challenging for the police force to keep track of who’s legal and who is not, and a simpler way to keep track of this needs to be put together. If all these immigrants keep coming in, our population will sky rocket.

It’s not fair for illegal immigrants to not even have to pay taxes, while the rest of the country has to to support them. This unfairness needs to be put to an end, and the security on the border needs to be strengthened so that the number of immigrants coming in from Mexico will be decreased.


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