Global Warming…Our Fault

Photo Credit: Jerry Evans

Global Warming is our fault because of all the pollution and emissions (CO2) we let out into the environment. Humans release CO2 into the air by burning any type of wood or coal, driving their car letting out exhaust from the motor, and factories/buildings that circulate fumes and smoke up into the air for a period of time.

All these examples cause the ozone layer to thin and that lets in UV rays (ultraviolet radiation) from the sun and make the earth hot. The weather temperature increase because there is no ozone layer to protect us from the hot deadly sun rays and greenhouse gases.

Once the UV rays start to melt the icebergs, because of the raised temperatures in Antarctica the water starts to rise and it floods the land.

When the ozone layer thins it can cause deadly skin cancer, annoying eye irritation, and painful sunburns. If plants are exposed to much, they will shrivel up and die. If water floods, than there will not be enough land to retry planting plants and trees.

Ways we as people can fix what we have started is by carpooling to lessen the amount of car exhaust (CO2) and air pollution. Walking, taking your bike, and even public transportation (buses and subways) is more suitable than driving. Other ways are recycling, using energy efficient light bulbs, and turning off lights when unneeded.


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