Dirty Energy

photo credit: ninahale

Most Americans today have a car or truck that runs on gas. Most Americans also have a house that gets Its energy from coal, oil or natural gas. Cars and trucks produce emissions which are bad for the environment. How Is It good to put pollutants In the air?

Whenever you burn fossils fuels they produce emissions with carbon dioxide, which are very bad for the atmosphere. A  smarter source of energy  Is clean energy such as wind, solar, hydro or water, biomass, and geothermal energy. Clean Energy produces 100% percent less pollution and emissions than fossil fuels.

Weeklyworldnews.com states that “We breathe around 2 gallons of air every minute, by breathing polluted air everyday It can reduce your lifespan 1-2 years.”

The energy sources we use now put carbon dioxide Into the air. The carbon dioxide gets trapped in our atmosphere which, makes the earth much warmer. That Is what  happens In global warming.

If we don’t start to convert to clean energy what will happen when we run out of our resources like coal, oil, and natural gas.

I believe that every town or city should have some sources of clean energy. Windmils or solar panels should be put on houses and buildings, so the next generation of people won’t be left with a dump.


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