Was NAFTA a Good Idea?

NAFTA has provenly created more bad than good in our society today. So I ask, why don’t we repeal it? NAFTA has many aspects that are not beneficial and causing the U.S., Canada, and Mexico to suffer from its mistakes.

Does taking away jobs from the U.S. and moving them to Mexico help our own economy? That is like a teacher taking away your books but expecting kids to be experts in the material.

Photo Credit: Unknown

Our trade might be free and the initial cause was to save money, but in the end there are just fewer jobs and a quickly growing tax deficit for our countries. Wages are being lowered and no new jobs are being developed from NAFTA.

Is NAFTA actually acting as a useful problem solver? As you can see, it is clearly not. Now, all different people are troubled with the fact that NAFTA was a plan made for past and not the future. We are presently suffering over an unthought out mistake.

From Mexico to Canada to America, NAFTA is n serving the initial purpose to aid our citizens and making more problems for hard-working communities.


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