Stop Crossing the Borders!

photo creds David Bacon

Substantial amount of illegal immigrants commit crimes due to poverty. It has been reported by the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) that 49 percent of United States Gang members are known to be hispanics. Duplin county Sheriff Blake proclaims “66% of hispanics are known  to be illegal aliens.” Also, as Immigrants move in, they smuggle drugs into our country. 2.2 million kilograms of cocaine and 11.6 kilograms of marijuana was known to be smuggled through the Mexican Border. These drug activities were not all planned by illegal immigrants,, but DEA(Drugs Enforcement Administration)’s investigation proves that without the illegal immigrants’ presence, drug activities within immigrant communities wouldn’t have been possible. Crimes that illegal immigrants commit in United States causes flaws in our moral stance.

Illegal immigrants also disturb the economy by causing overpopulation. Southern cities along the border of Mexico suffer from severe overpopulation. For example, Los Angeles’s current inhabitants exceed its proper population because 2.6 million illegal immigrants currently reside in L.A. Overpopulation is a grave problem because our country doesn’t have enough resources for all the population. The lacking resources include jobs, homes, space, and food. If illegal immigrants keep storming into our country without permission, it will cause a great economical  plunge.

To keep America safe and stable, laws against illegal immigration should be legislated and severely enforced.


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