Should the U.S. Fight Iran

Photo Credit: People’s Open Graphics

The United States should do exactly what they are doing, and get involved only as a last resort. We have to at least talk to Iran about what they are doing, and in the very least make a treaty prohibiting Iran from destroying America in the future.

Iran does not have the right even to threaten to blow up Israel. Israel is our ally, and we need to protect them. Iran is an ally with Syria, who thinks it is alright to kill people for almost no reason. Therefore, Syria could possibly be giving Iran ideas about how to use their bombs. If Iran makes an atomic bomb, who knows if they will not make another one and blow up someplace else because of Syria’s influence?

Iran is now able to make nuclear bombs. We have to tread carefully, because they can use this advantage against any place they want, and who says they won’t?

America should not only defend Israel if it comes down to it, but we should talk to Iran about their making of the bomb to see if they plan to do it again in the future. If they learn how to make one, then it could become a common thing for them to do.


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