Mexican Immigration

On July 4, 1775, our nation was founded by a group of immigrants desiring for a new life.  Now, Americans refuse to let Mexicans immigrate to the US.

Photo Credit: Unknown

Consider these points:

-Almost every single American in the US descends from an immigrant.  Is it right to slam the door on people who deserve this opportunity as much as you do?

-Did our founding fathers intend for their country to be viewed as a premium and not open to everyone, regardless of their color, gender, or ethnic background?

-How would you feel if you were unable to live in a country because of your culture and your heritage?

Honestly, most of these want-to-be Americans are willing to work harder than most Americans. Almost all Mexicans are immigrating to the US because they want a better future, whether if it’s for themselves or their family.  Americans shouldn’t shun Mexicans and judge immigrants by their background and culture, and keep them so long waiting to immigrate, that they just hop the Mexican/US border illegally.  So answer this.  What harm could there be for hard-working Mexicans to immigrate to the US?


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