Iran’s Nuclear Program – What We Should Do

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Unless you have been living under a rock lately, you have probably heard the controversies over Iran’s nuclear program. Some think that the United States should be more involved with this issue, possibly even in a militaristic way, and others think the U.S. should back out.The main problem is that regardless of what you believe should be done, both options have horrible repercussions if chosen.

If the U.S. attacks Iran like many have suggested, we would surely end up at war with them, which could start a chain reaction of conflicts. Not only that, but it would spur them to build nuclear weapons faster, with the excuse of defending themselves from us and our allies.

If the U.S. backs out of efforts against Iran’s nuclear program, then Iran would have too much freedom for comfort. They could completely obliterate Israel, which they have clearly threatened multiple times, and we would not be able to do a single thing about it until it is too late.

The best plan would be our current one – taking control of the situation without attacking or being too lax. The sanctions the U.S. and other countries have placed on Iran are currently bringing their economy to its knees, and they will soon cave in and end their nuclear program once and for all.

As a country, we should stop putting pressure on our government to solve this overnight, and instead encourage taking the right path – the one that does not end in gunfire and blazing explosions.


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