Iran with Nuclear Threats

Photo Credit: Tom Ashbrook

Iran is developing a nuclear program which potentially puts Israel, their enemy, in danger of nuclear war even though they insist the program is only meant for nuclear power.

 If the U.S. gets involved and tries to stop their nuclear development, we could put ourselves in greater danger of nuclear war against Iran. Although it would help our ally, Israel, the questions are: Is it worth it? Do we want to take this chance?

 If the U.S. just left Iran alone and the nuclear program was in fact for power as they say, then we would have no loss. However, if Israel was attacked by Iran, we would lose Israel as an ally and probably other allies because of our lack of loyalty. On the positive side, not getting involved would decrease the chances of the U.S. becoming involved in a nuclear war against Iran. The risks by far outweigh the possible good that could come of stopping Iran’s nuclear program.

 From an American’s perspective and more importantly a young adult who is the future of this country’s perspective, I think the U.S. should not get involved in Iran’s nuclear program. There is too much of a risk attached that it would be worth it to stay out of the matter for our own safety. Why would we put our entire population at risk of nuclear war that could wipe out the whole country? This does not only affect our armed forces and other countries, but it will affect everyone in America, including you.


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