Iran power plant

It is unsafe for iran to have a nuclear power plant. They are untrusting and sneaky.

Having the nuclear power plant is dangerous  because with their new power plant they could use it for evil purposes, like harming a different country. With their new power plant they could be creating alys with a terrorist group of some sort and they could agree to make bombs for them

With this power plant they could have the power to do inhuman things to other countries.Iran is also not located in the best of locations. They are surround by countries where nothing is safe and everyone is against everyone else, now do you think that it is a good idea for a nuclear power plant to be so close to all of that corruption? I think not!

All that iran needs is a good reason and a well thought out plan to assemble bombs, and fire them in any direction they want.

The scientist sais that they have the power plant to creat electricity and find clean energy products, but do you think that this power plant could create other things than just electricity?

In this presidential election whoever is nominated to be president should keep their eye on this power plant. Romney’s plan is to go into the country by force and blow everything up! Obama said that when and if he becomes president he will do his best to keep an eye on the power plants. Now that sounds like a better plan.

All i know is that we don’t need another 9/11 and we definitely don’t need a new crisis.


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