Economics in the U.S. Today

Everybody in the past few months has been saying what a recovery this country is making. Well in my opinion it is not making any recovery. Yes some jobs have been created but it seems like every time the election comes around things get better and after they get bad again.

The economy is gas, employment, and businesses right? Well gas is going down about a penny a day and Iran, one of our biggest oil suppliers other than ourselves is threatening that if start taking drastic measures on their nuclear program they will cut all foreign id of oil to the whole world in which might not be very good. Iran is stopping and cutting down on its own oil exports and the U.S. is exporting and producing more.

On a brighter side we are said to be the worlds largest oil producer by 2025-2030. At the moment we are 50/50 with our oil. Half we produce ourselves and the other half we import from the middle east. I hope that we produce more and import less oil in.

Small businesses are suffering and big companies are growing larger. I encourage people to shop at small businesses. We need better ways to get money and smarter ways in which who, what, and when we spend it.

We need to be more cautious in what we spend on social programs. We need to lower taxes and not have new ones. We need less spending and reduce the deficit.

I ask you to vote for someone who really knows economics next time.



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