Destruction of NAFTA

On January 1, 1994 NAFTA (National American Free Trade Agreement), a petrifying free trade agreement,  was established and put into action. NAFTA is an unsuccessful way of trying to create cheaper ways of trade between Canada, America, and Mexico. It was made to help all three countries in ways that would better them but as you will see, did the exact opposite.

There are many reasons why NAFTA definitely did not help the US, the most important being that it simply generated less jobs (hurt the economy).

Photo Credit: Bill Frymire 

NAFTA has constructed fewer for US citizens because it forces companies to move further North or South. As this is taking place, it becomes a complete mess for US employees because they don’t want to move with the company away from home. Because the companies prefer for their employees to work for a lower wage, they move to the borders of Mexico and Canada to hire more people from those countries who are willing to work for a rock-bottom paycheck. The fact of this taking place is a massive disgrace to NAFTA.

NAFTA may have been exceptional for Canada and Mexico, however  it clearly was a complete horrifying disaster for the US.


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