François Hollande: Can He Lead France?

The 24th President of the French Republic, François Hollande, was recently inducted into office. Hollande, who was born in Upper Normandy, France, joined the Socialist Party in 1979. The Socialist Party is a social democratic political party in France. Because François Hollande is well-experienced and has strong policies, he will be an excellent President.

First off, François Hollande is very experienced. He definitely knows his way around politics. He has been involved in political pursuits since 1974. When he was fresh out of university, Hollande was immediately appointed councillor in the Court of Audit. He also was the First Secretary of the Socialist Party. Not only is he all-knowing when it comes to the politics in France, but also in other countries. Such as Andorra, where he was the Co-Prince. With all of the experience Hollande has, he is more than capable to lead France.

Photo Credit: Jean-Marc Ayrault

Secondly, Hollande has strong policies. With his ideas, France could become a superpower in the world. One of his aims are to conclude a new contract of Franco-German partnership. He says that he hopes towards “an acceleration of the establishment of a Franco-German civic service, the creation of a Franco-German research office, the creation of a Franco-German industrial fund to finance common competitiveness clusters (transport, energy or environment) and the establishment of a common military headquarters.” François Hollande also promises to develop funds for deprived suburbs. Those are only some of his spectacular ideas. It is obvious that Hollande has the brains to make a difference not only in France, but the rest of the world as well.

Being President, Hollande will indeed do an excellent job. With his brains and experience, it is obvious that he will do great things for France’s future. All in all, while François Hollande is around, you can expect great things.


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