Technology Teaching!

One of the most controversial topics in the educational world is the use of technology in schools.  Some are for it and some are against it.  What do you think? These are the pros of this style of learning.

SmartBoard interaction

One way technology can benefit learning is better simulation and better models.  Simulations and models on the computer can help teachers demonstrate, and teach students about a process that may be too large, fast, slow, or small to do in one class period.  The only downside is that it’s not quite the hands on experience that teachers want.  Although it is just on a flat computer screen that students can’t feel, smell or touch,  it is a lot better than nothing.

Another benefit of using technology in schools is global interaction and global learning.  This point really thrives in geography classes or history classes.  A major aspect is learning about current events.  Using a site like is a great way to learn about stuff happening in a place across the world or even in space.  It is faster, and you don’t have to travel across the world to witness the events yourself.  You can also use video chats, or chat rooms to talk to people in different places.  In our school we got to skype with famous authors and ask them questions durning as assembly. Not only did this allow us to learn more about the books we read but about the author and the background information of the story.  You can learn about another place in the world with a click of a button with access to technology.

Technology also helps with more efficient assessments.  Without technology students take a test and hand it in to the teacher.  The teacher, taking about two to three days to grade the tests, make students move on to other topics, or allows them to forget about the stuff they just learned about.  With interactive assessments, teachers can watch students while they take their tests, or write their papers and see their thinking process to understand their style of learning a lot better.  Teachers can also make immediate corrections so students know what they did wrong and will remember the right facts and not the wrong ones.

One last benefit is the use of e-books, and online textbooks. Carrying around a heavy backpack full of 1000 page textbooks and heavy binders, has led to around 70% of teenagers having chronic back pain.   Online books not only relieve students of chronic back pain, but it is also easier to access and you will never forget it because it’s on the internet!

Laptop Collaboration

These are only some things to think when using technology in school.  Using technology will lead to great things and a far better education in the future. The future of our world lies in the hands of the new generation.  Technology allows students to get the best education they can get.


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