Should Roger Clemens be in the MLB again?

Going onto the mound for the last time, is Roger Clemens. He had been on trial for steroids during his workouts with his trainers. Roger Clemens has already been on trial for steroids. This trial is about perjury. Perjury is when a person lies on the stand. If he is found guilty, he could be facing a lot of time in jail. If he is found innocent, the major league baseball might offer him a chance to return.

Roger Clemens

 If Roger Clemens does come back to baseball, I think he would just make the league look foolish. If he is found not guilty, he would be able to be in the majors in his prime. Since this trial started in the summer, I think it is a waste of time. Look at Manny Ramirez, he is already back in the game.  I think Roger Clemens is trying to make the league look bad. They should just make a final decision and Roger Clemens should not be in the majors.  Since this incident started, he is just out there to make the money. To be found guilty would be a disgrace to him and to the MLB. Since he took steroids, he should not be considered in the hall of the fame.

So, in my own opinion I think he is guilty, and should  suspended for good from the game of baseball. All that Roger Clemens did was find a shortcut though the major leagues. If I was the commissioner, I would fine Roger Clemens about two million dollars for cheating.


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