Two up, Two Down

As the Boston Red Sox begin to play a bit better baseball into the latter half of May, the presence of outfielders Carl Crawford and Jacoby Ellsbury are very much missed.  With Ellsbury out with a dislocated shoulder, and Crawford missing due to a injury to his arm.  The Red Sox turned to a few rookies to fill the roles of the players sent onto the DL.  Two of these players are Will Middlebrooks, and Daniel Nava.

ImageThe Red Sox struggles out of the gate.  They finished up a series with Cleveland at Fenway Park and are now playing much better baseball. The Red Sox are in desperate need of a few stars to take over for the team.  Although Youkilis will be out for a short time, Will Middlebrooks has fulfilled the role at third base extremely well.  He has hit four homeruns for the Red Sox already and is hitting over .300 early in his first season in the Major Leagues.  He is a strong defensive player and has provided plenty of offensive pop on the other side of the ball.  He is supplying the Red Sox with much needed RBI’s and is helping them win baseball games.  Daniel Nava has been playing lately in place of Crawford.  Unlike Middlebrooks, Nava has played in the Majors before.  He has been on the Red Sox farm league, and has been up and down for two years.  He is up in the Majors right now, and played very good.  He has his three doubles in just a handful of games.  

These few players have really stepped it up for the Sox.  Another thing that is helping the Red Sox win lately though, is the pitching.  The pitching has really improved over the last couple weeks.  Lester threw a complete game, and Bard got his first win at Fenway Park.  If the Pitching keeps coming along, and the bats keep producing, the Red Sox will be winning more baseball games and close the gap with the other teams in the American League East.


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