Target: Possibly the Greatest Store Ever Known

Target, the store that we think of that’s less than a mall, is definitely taken for granted. Stocked with very attractive and flattering clothing, many of the options to shop for are in dress code for school. Also, there is a huge variety of items to accompany anyone’s hobby. Lastly, Target has a very wide selection of makeup, hair, nail, and skin products. Many people don’t find Target a very interesting store, but it has many necessities that we usually don’t think about wanting or needing.
There is only one way to describe Target’s clothing selection; absolutely phenomenal. To fully appreciate all of the clothing that Target has, it is best to break it down into different seasons. Winter and Fall have similar clothing styles. Mostly, they feature both light and heavy crewneck sweaters, skinny khakis, scarves, blazers, and more. All these pieces of clothing, teaming with darker Fall and Winter colors, can add something to everyone’s wardrobe. While Target has an unbeatable Fall and Winter line for clothing, their options for Spring and Summer are definitely also hard to find anywhere else. The selection of pencil skirts, ruffled shirts, button-downs, tank tops, cardigans, and shorts give the buyer an enormous selection to choose from. Target also has a famous bikini section of the store. To start any summer without a bikini is almost unheard of. Every other day, I hear someone bragging about how they got their new bikini from Target. The design, comfort, and uniqueness is what makes the swimwear so desired. The clothing portion of Target is unlike any other store.
Another famous part of Target is the hair and makeup section. Target has one of the most convenient beauty area out of any store, in the sense that it is simple to pick up makeup for the next day, or nail polish to have for the whole summer. There are countless brands of makeup, hair products, nail polishes, and facial products. Almost every beauty product is available, including Sally Hansen Nail Polish, Maybelline eyeshadow and mascara, CHI flat irons, and Neutrogena facial wash. There are multiple aisles of products, so it is impossible to name everything. I can promise, however, that anyone who is looking for something specific will not be let down by the selection.

Although fashion is a crucial part of anybody’s life, it is important to include hobbies as well. Target provides a huge book selection for anyone who wants to read any genre. They are able to keep up with most books in a series. They also feature books by famous authors, for a lesser price than other stores. Target also has a convenient electronics section of the store. They stay with the times by offering the newest camera, iPod, or TV. There is also an electronic accessories part within the electronics section which offers smaller things, from memory cards to earphones. Another memorable hobbies section of Target is the board games isle. To say that there is almost every single board game created is a nearly true statement. Target tries to keep fun in peoples lives, whether it comes to family game nights or taking pictures with friends.

Target is a well-known store, but it doesn’t always receive a lot of credit for all that is there for everyone. Target’s clothing section, beauty assortment, and hobby selection will absolutely never fail.


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