Should Teenagers be Able to See R-Rated Movies


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R-rated movies with violence, drug use, and sexual content are for adults, but there are several reasons why teenagers should be able to see them without supervision. Teenagers in school have probably learned about wars going on in foreign countries. In Afghanistan, 19,629 people have died because of war in recent years. Almost triple that number have been seriously injured and even maimed for life. Because we have learned about the thousands of deaths in Afghanistan, teenagers should be able to handle death as it is shown in the movies. Compared to what we have learned about the Holocaust and mass genocide in Africa, watching a fake death in a movie won’t upset young adults. Speaking as a teenager, my parents watch the news and there is always a commentary about war and death. Overall, the violence teenagers have learned about on the news and in school should be able to prepare them for the violence in movies.

Another explicit part of R-rated movies that makes them so objectionable for teens is sexual content. To rate a movie “R” because of sexual content makes less sense than to rate it “R” because of violence. Because of health class, most if not all teenagers have learned about the repreductive system and sex. Most R-rated movies contain sexual content that students have already talked about or is not that explicit. Also, the most time a sexual scene takes up is usually two minutes. A lot of parents think that seeing these scenes will change how a teenager acts around people. I think that neither sexual content nor violence in a movie will change how a teenager behaves.

The last reason that teenagers should be able to see R-rated movies concerns their parents. Right now, you need to be seventeen or older or have a guardian accompany you in order to see an R-rated movie. Since teenagers are already familiar with violence and sexual content, we don’t need a guardia to take us in. Our parents and schools already teach us about practically all of the things that could be in a R-rated movie, so then why can’t teenagers see one alone? To see a R-rated movie you need to be mature, and speaking as a teenager, my friends and I are mature enough. In conclusion, teenagers can handle the violence and sexual content portray to be bad.      


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