Go Book to Movie and Everything’s Groovy!

Once you read a book, it’s nice to see it recreated into a motion picture. Giving a new perspective and adding an original spin to the story, the movie form of a book can help the audience take away more from and understand it better. However, watching a movie based on a book without reading the actual book is not the best way to absorb as much as possible from the volume. While viewers can get the general plot and know what the story is about, a film can have flaws or enough altercations from the book to change the style in which the tale is told.
The main problem with the conversion of a book into a movie is the fact that multiple details included in books are often left out of the movie. If every specific aspect of the book was put into the movie, it would be too long for the audience’s liking. It would not be a successful project, as they would quickly lose interest. Keeping this in mind, directors keep their productions long enough to leave a lasting impression, but short enough to remain entertaining. This is done with the watcher’s best interests in mind, although it can subtract from their experience. While the removal of small details proves an adequate solution for some stories, others lose a lot of their positive qualities.
The best way to enjoy a book and movie combination is to read the book first! This way, you will not be confused by the events taking place, nor will you miss out on seeing the tale told from different perspectives. For oftentimes, the author of a publication adds their own flair and personality to it that you cannot find anywhere else.

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