Why Everyone Should Own an Iron Man Suit

There are many reasons that prove that everyone should have an Iron Man suit. Everyone in the world should have an Iron Man suit. They would be very helpful in many ways, and it would be great for getting jobs back in the United States.

Photo Credit: Kevitivy

There are many reasons that everyone would be safe with suits. US Military agents would be safe when they are fighting, wearing Iron Man suits. Civilians would be safe from criminals if they were to have suits. It would be safe because of the fact that if someone has a criminal record of any kind it would be impossible for them to buy a suit. Since everyone would have an Iron Man suit, there would be less murders due to the fact that it would be harder to kill people. If everyone owned an Iron Man suit, people would have a lot more fun because you could play extreme sports.
Instead of just normal sports that have been played for a long time, it would be possible to play new sports. An example of a new sport could be like quidditch from Harry Potter, but instead of using broomsticks, you would just fly around using your amazing Iron Man suit. Other sports would be possible too; more people might want to try skydiving because it would be safer.

Falling through the air, your suit saves you when the parachute doesn’t open. The thrusters will kick in as you rocket towards the Earth. We could also get jobs back in the United States because we could hire a lot of people for the factories that would produce these suits.

Obviously, all these reasons prove that Iron Man suits should be mass produced and available for purchase. It is clearly safer for people if they have their own personal defense arsenal at their disposal. It is also a great idea to buy a suit because you can have more fun, which in turn will make you feel less stressed. Those are all the reasons that make it imperative that Iron Man suits should be available to the general public.

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