Jeter Starting Off Hot

Derek Jeter
Photo by Keith Allison

After an atrocious start to his last season, Derek Jeter, a 37 year old, is leading the league in hits right now, and he is arguably one of the best hitters. Jeter has rose up to the occasion, following some contract trouble with the Yankees earlier in the year. His range has improved, his hitting is at its best, his power is way up, and he is leading his struggling team to a winning season. He is off to one of the best starts in his career.

Despite critics saying his career was over, Jeter is having himself one of the best seasons in all of baseball. His hitting, fielding, and leadership all play major roles on the team. Jeter, having 56 hits, leads the league in that category. His average is up to 0.366, but the most shocking statistic is that Jeter has 5 home runs so far. While this does not seem like an overwhelming number, Jeter had 6 home runs all of last year so he is on pace to shatter that number. Jeter’s hitting has definitely improved from last year, but in order to keep his average up he will have to stay hot. Another pleasant surprise for the Yankees was fielding. In 36 games Jeter has only committed 2 errors and has a fielding percentage of .984. While his range is not as good as it has been in the past, Jeter is still able to make critical plays on the field. His fielding is at the top tierin the shortstop category. Lastly, Jeter’s leadership in the locker room and on the field affects the Yankees greatly. As this will be his 10th year being a captain, it is important for Jeter to set an example and settle people down when the situation presents itself. Even though a player’s attitude does not seem to affect his performance, Jeter’s mature and calming personality makes him a perfect captain. The Yankees will certainly miss Jeter when he leaves.

Derek Jeter’s stats and attitude prove that he is on fire this season. Whether it’s at the plate, at short, or in the dugout, he has made an outstanding contribution to the team. His numbers are so good in fact that if he keeps them up he will be almost a lock for M.V.P. If Jeter keeps doing what he is doing, it will be a fantastic season.



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