Andrew Luck vs. Robert Griffin III

On April 26, 2012, the Indianapolis Colts drafted Quarterback Andrew Luck. But did the Colts make the right decision? Robert Griffin III was Andrew Luck’s only competitor to be the Colts’ starting Quarterback. Andrew Luck appeared to be better for the position over Robert Griffin III. They both have similar stats but which one will be the better quarterback for the football seasons to come. 


photo by Jason Zajdel

The reasons why the Colts chose Stanford University’s Andrew Luck are because he is patient, can read an opponent’s defense and can run a complicated offense.  Andrew Luck shows his patience by waiting  for his receivers to become available to pass to.Running away from defensemen gives receivers time to get open. Reading opponents defense creates opportunities for offensive plays to occur. By analyzing the defense, Andrew Luck can call an offensive play, which the defense would not be able to block. Also, Andrew Luck runs a complicated offense. Unlike Robert Griffin III, Andrew Luck has sophisticated plays that he can use during a game. He may use a play where it looks like he going to throw the football deep but instead he fakes out the defensemen and throws a sideline pass. Robert Griffin III would run simple plays not complex plays like Andrew Luck. 


photo by Sarah Glenn

Leaving Baylor, Robert Griffin III was not drafted by the Indianapolis Colts. Robert Griffin III runs better, has more passing yards, and has won more awards than Andrew Luck. Robert Griffin III has great speed while holding the football. He can run past the opposing defense for a first down. He forces the defense to cover the receivers while still ensuring that he does not run the football himself for a first down. This strategy forces the defensemen to work even harder. His speed is a large contribution to his team’s offense. Passing yards is crucial to making a quarterback great. Robert Griffin III can certainly pass the football. In 2011, he had four thousand two hundred ninety three passing yards, sixth in 2011 college football. Throwing thirty seven touchdowns in a season while only giving up six interceptions are strengths of a great quarterbacks. Robert Griffin III passing stats are more impressive than Andrew Luck’s passing stats. Robert Griffin III won four awards in the 2011 season, including the Heisman Trophy. The Heisman Trophy is given to the most superb college football player. Robert Griffin III clearly has spectacular stats and awards.

Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin are both amazing quarterbacks who were both drafted in the 2012 NFL draft by two different teams. The Colts chose Andrew Luck over Robert Griffin III because of his ability to be patient, read opponent’s defense, and run a complicated offense. In addition, the Colt’s management determined that Luck would be more suited for the team. However, the Colts missed out on Robert Griffin III, with the capability to run past an opponent’s defense, to throw a substantial amount of passing yards in a regular season, and to win four college football awards. These two quarterbacks are both spectacular but the 2012 season will demonstrate if the Colts made the right choice.


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