Should the Red Sox trade Kevin Youkilis

Kevin Youkilis is hitting below two hundred percent this year, but a youngster is one the rise. To hit is a huge part if you are playing third base.

Youkilis slide by Tank McNamara

The Red Sox needs production; they are also in needed some starting pitching.  So Will Middlebrooks is the best fit for the Red Sox and Youkilis is a really third baseman.
        The Red Sox need some Production for the pitching to so that is what you want back. The rotation is one of the worst in the game in baseball, for they need to improve this area more than the hitting part of their game. So this is what I would do to improve their rotation and make the lineup crazy well. So trade Youkilis to the Phillies for Joe Blanton. Joe Blanton is the best fit for the Red Sox rotation. This would make the Red Sox one of the best. When we have John Lackey back next year we will be unstoppable.

Greg M. Coope

This wills all be aces in a rotation and the lineup will be able to support all of them with runs. The average amount of wins are 66 would be their average from 2011 and 2012.
        This will be a smart trade, for they will now have seven starting pitchers in the 2013 season. Going into the homestretch of the season the need experience. They would move Daniel Bard to the Bullpen to set up for Andrew Bailey. So this works out for the pitching, and for the hitting part of the Game. We do not need Kevin Youkilis anymore. He just makes the lineup ten times worse. Kevin Youkilis plays hurt and we need someone that is one hundred percent health instead of fifty percent healthy. So Red Sox should trade Kevin Youkilis for Joe Blanton.MLB


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