Is tanning really worth it?

I think that tanning booths should at least be illegal to use under the age of 18. I think they should be illegal under this age because when you are under 18 you are most likely to make decisions you will regret. Hopefully, by time you are 18 you care more about your body than you were when you were 15. Another reason why you should be 18 years old would be so you cannot be forced into a tanning booth through pressure from friends or family. 

Being at such a young age people probably won’t listen to you if you don’t want to go in the booth.
Recently in the news a New Jersey mother was arrested for putting her 5 year-old daughter into the tanning booth. The laws in New Jersey do not allow any child under the age of 14 in a tanning booth. Children older than 14 are allowed to use the booth as long as a parent says that it is alright. Patricia Krentcil declines that her daughter had been in the tanning booth, but she is on bail following her arrest of second degree endangerment charge. She is most likely guilty of putting her daughter in the tanning booth; Patricias’ skin looks almost like leather. She said that she has been tanning her whole life whether it was going to the beach, tanning booths, and so forth.

I believe that tanning booths should probably be completely illegal because they are extremely dangerous for your health. If you use the tanning booth your chance of melanoma increases by 75% by the age of 35. Another scary fact of tanning is that it may very well become an addiction as the UV radiation have a drug like effect on your body. I’m not sure if many people are really trying to make tanning booths illegal but they are making an effort to cut down the amount of uses. Starting this July, you’re going to have to pay a 10% tax every time you go into the booth. It’s up to you whether you risk your chances of cancer in order to be tan, but I strongly discourage the use of the booth. Unless you do want your skin to turn into leather, I would suggest using tanning lotions such as Jergens Healthy Glow to provide a much safer tan.


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