Rolls Royce Vs Ferrari

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There are many ways of transportation in the United States.  One of those ways is by driving in a car.  Not every one has the luxury to buy a Ferrari or a Rolls Royce that costs about half a million dollars, but let’s imagine you had a choice of driving one of these luxury cars.  The two thousand and eleven Ferrari 599 is a sports car that costs about four hundred and ten thousand dollars.  This car is a two-passenger coup with a six-liter v12 cylinder engine and has six hundred and sixty one horsepower.  The Rolls Royce is more of a luxury car because of its look and price.  The Rolls Royce costs four hundred and forty seven thousand dollars, which is almost a half of a million dollars. The Rolls Royce is a two-door convertible with a six point seven liter v12 engine.

Both of these cars are very luxurious cars that people who are more fortunate than others can afford. The people who invent Ferrari’s invent the car so that it looks good and is built for speed, unlike the Rolls Royce, which is used more for luxurious reasons.  The Rolls Royce is a very luxurious car with very stylish interior and a stunning appearance, yet when you look into price and gas mileage the car is not worth the money.  The Rolls Royce gets eleven to eighteen miles per gallon and has an estimated monthly fuel cost of three hundred and sixty five dollars.  This makes the Rolls Royce a much more expensive car.  Both of these cars only have rear wheel drive; this means that these cars shouldn’t be used in bad weather such as snowstorms.  The Ferrari can hold up to twenty seven point seven gallons of gasoline while the Rolls Royce can only hole about twenty one gallons of gas; in this world’s economy the Ferrari is the better car.

If the decision between the two cars came up and I instantly got a half a million dollars I would pick the Ferrari 599 over the Rolls Royce.  I made this decision because of the terrible fuel economy and the gas issues and the look of the car.  Another reason I made this decision is because of the size of the car and what the car is known for, which is speed and good looks.


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