Россия угроза? (Is Russia a Threat?)

Russian President Vladimir Putin
Photo Credit: The Moscow Times @ http://static.themoscowtimes.com/upload/iblock/bbb/Putin-585.jpg

Despite what I wish to believe, I think that Russia, a country with a history bloodier than it is longer, has yet again proven to be a threat to world peace and prosperity. I believe in the people of Russia and the faith of her people, but it has become self evident that this country is a threat to national security, our country’s international relations, and the good of the world’s people. Are we ignorant Americans supposed to be fooled by the show in Russia these past few days with nearly 400 citizens, including three opposition leaders, being detained by the police in Moscow during a protest that took place several hours before Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s return to Presidential power? Politics are messy and dirty, but Russian politics are more than that; they are brutal, bloody, and gruesome. This election took place because of the demands of Russia’s people saying that the past election was rigged, allowing Putin to win then and somehow win again is an obvious show of a misuse of power. With his powers as Prime Minister he would easily have the necessary connections and power to unseat his opponent (Dmitry Medvedev) and make sure that the most important votes, those of the people, were not heard.

Is this beast, who has stolen his power against the will the people whom he not just works for but also “loves”, going to terrorize his country as the arab leaders have? If he has the power to rig elections, then who’s to say he has limited power as a president is supposed to? With this man in power, he has the uncanny ability to make his people do anything; in their eyes, in the media’s eyes, and in the eye’s of the world. Even though the Russian government has been participating in destroying their nuclear weapons, it was not they who first initiated the project. It was us, the Americans; the ones who have worried about nuclear attack ever since our country used the first of its’ kind. We were once eager to destroy our destructive weapons, but now I call into question our leaders judgement as I witness the possible beginning to World War Three after a Russian General recently said that they will not hesitate to go on with a preemptive strike against U.S. led NATO Defense Missile Shields being built throughout Europe to protect them from future strikes. With this statement it is clear that Russia does not have plans to remain peaceful because if these shields are not constructed, Europe would be prey to any missile attack within range of Russian missiles. To say this to the world gives a clear warning; no matter what we decide, either to continue with the plans or to abandon them, there is a great chance war is coming our way.

To further prove this country’s guiltiness of being a threat, I will explain the current situation in the Middle East, more specifically in Syria. The Syrian President Assad has been executing his own people in a desperate hope that this will end the opposition against him while instead it brings international attention. This attention, from all developed countries, has been between taking military action and that of just waiting out the storm. But as we have witnessed in the most recent days of this crackdown, the longer it goes on the bloodier it gets. Seeing that this country and its’ military are supplied by the nation of Russia, and that Russia is receiving money for it, it has become quite clear to the Western nations that Russia and China, now allies with the Syrian government, will strike at any nation attempting to free the lesser rebels from the grasps of this delusional president. This delicately balanced ecosystem shows the rationality of the Russian government, the way greed rusts the souls of great minds, and one of the many economic lifelines of the Russian government that supplies them with the money they need to run their large nation.

With the new era of technology as king, the environment, and civil rights, the words of the Russian government and the governments of other nations do not concern us in our everyday lives. Only when we are faced with fear and the threat of war and death do we really become afraid; otherwise this story would be nothing, a speck of dust in a giant tornado. The Republic of Russia is a major threat to the world and the United States of America and we should be fighting this country for its’ people and their rights and the protection of ourselves. Whether my fellow Americans in higher offices share the same viewpoint as me is beyond my telling, but I can say this; anyone who is ignoring the fact that Russia is closer to our homes than we think and that our country should be less selfish and work for the rights of others is kidding themselves, Russia is a threat to us because of what they want and what we say we will fight for. Freedom.


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