The Avengers Rule the Box Office

After months, if even years of anticipation, the Avengers came out on top for movies in a long time breaking records. The Avengers is a movie about a group of superheroes who team up to save Earth. In the past few years there has been individual movies for most of the superheroes with all of their own storylines, but the movie companies were building up for this super epic, all-in-one movie. There was lots of hype leading up to the release of The Avengers; people have been excited for months about it and it released with a boom.

The Avengers was a fantastic movie and was more than worth the wait. The movie was filled with action and suspense all throughout, except for some boring parts filled with lots of talking and nothing really happening. There is a great story line to The Avengers with lots of fantastic actors and actresses playing all sorts of different roles. This movie also include a significant amount of humor with it too, which I was not expecting personally. A good idea too about seeing the movie would be to pay a little extra more and see it in 3D. The 3D experience made it that much better and is totally worth just a few extra dollars, that is, if 3D is appealing to you.

Overall, The Avengers was worth the wait, time, and money to see it. The movie was very action packed, except it had some long boring scenes, for I almost fell asleep during them. this movie really relates to Transformers 3, but with superheroes instead of robots, which is good. It is no wonder The Avengers racked up over $200 million on the opening weekend with more to come. I would rate it, an 8 out of 10.


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