Surf Thru a different side of California

When you think of California most people think of Hollywood, Beverly hills, and the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Although that is an important part of California the back roads and smaller towns are just as intriguing. Take for instance the small town of Dana Point which is located in southern California on the pacific ocean . Dana Point has some of the most breathtaking coastal bluffs and rolling hills. Dana Point is home to Dana Point harbor which  is a key spot for fishing, shopping, walking,and para sailing. Dana Point harbor has many high end shops and is such a quaint surfing town.

Another must see stop in California is the heart stopping view of the Golden Gate Bridge which it located in San Francisco, It  is an astonishing 1.7 miles long and  is visited by nine million people each year.

One other intriguing destination in California is Malibu. Malibu is a cool; yet laid back   destination because of its surf lifestyle. Malibu has many beaches which is great for surfing because of its high waves and smooth sand.

California is one of the most beautiful and unique places in the world because whether you go to the north or south you’re sure to have a trip of a lifetime.


One thought on “Surf Thru a different side of California

  1. This is interesting. It seems like there a lot of things to do in California. There is also skiing around suprisingly enough. I thought it was good, but I think you might be able to include a lot more activities and attractions, but overall I thought it was very good

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