Red Sox Still Playing Poorly

Credit: Keith Allison

After winning seven out of eight games, the Boston Red Sox lost seven of their next eight games. On April 30, they beat Oakland 11-6, improving their record to 11-11. That was the last time their record was at .500. Since then, they have lost seven of their last eight games against subpar teams, such as Baltimore and Kansas City. They need to start winning to pick up the ground they lost, or they will remain in last place in the AL East during this disappointing season.

The main reason that they are playing poorly is their lack of pitching; their hitting has been more than alright. Out of the thirty major league teams, the Sox are 4th in runs scored, 3rd in batting average, and 4th in slugging percentage. Those numbers would suggest that they would be doing pretty well, which isn’t the case. Their pitching has been their downfall. They are 29th in team ERA, 26th in quality starts, and 26th in batting average against. That is obviously why they are losing. Yes, the Sox lost their closer, Jonathan Papelbon, and one of their starters, John Lackey, who is out for the season, but they still shouldn’t be playing this poorly. They have three above average starters, who are a combined 6-7, and two other very capable starters, who are a combined 4-5. Their starters are 10-12, but their bullpen has been even worse, with a record of 2-6 and two blown saves. Bobby Valentine needs to at least try to do something to shake things up. One other possibility is getting a pitcher at the trade deadline, but nobody knows what this team will look like in July.
Unfortunately for Boston fans, the 2012 season has started how the 2011 season ended. Both of the seasons have one thing in common, lack of pitching. Pitching is the main reason why teams get into the playoffs, and if the Red Sox keep pitching like this, they won’t be playing in October.

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