GTL at the Shore

Photo Credits: Vince K.

Ocean City in New Jersey is the greatest place in the world. It is always an exciting trip to go on. Having many different activities and sights, there is no such thing as wanting to leave. The boardwalk is the most significant thing in OCNJ. Right by the beach, it is the best place to go to shop, eat, and have a lot of fun on carnival rides.

Along the two and a half mile boardwalk are a variety of different stores to stop in to, so there is no excuse to forget to bring home any kind of memorabilia. There is almost no way to walk into a store and not buy something. Most of the stores are fun and want to make people laugh with humorous shirts, shot glasses, and pinnies. The most popular shirt on the boards two years ago was one that said FREE HUGS in huge letters; and that got plenty of attention when i brought it home. Although most of the clothing is really expensive, it is worth the memories. The food on the boardwalk is almost overwhelming. Every place has either the biggest, best, or the most popular something. It is fun to walk around and try everything, but once you start, it is impossible to stop. Everything is just so good, and it is easy to pick favorite places which quickly become second homes. It is easy to have one ice cream, walk a mile, and get another one within an hour. Consuming a lot of food in a short period of time is a bad idea if one is planning on going to any of the two carnival-themed parks. Wonderland and Playland are extremely popular, and you can even hear screams from the rides very late at night. There is something for everyone, such as roller coasters, bumper cars, and a ferris wheel. It is like a typical carnival, but much bigger. It is

Photo Credit: Rhys A.

always packed with people who are all wanting to have fun. Another interesting experience is mini golfing. It would take more than a whole summer to visit all the mini golf places on the boards. Some are very intricate and elaborate with many details, and others are very simple and classic. It is something different and unique at every different place.

If any person asked me for my opinion on where to go on vacation, I would immediately say Ocean City. It is obviously the best place in the world, and there is no word good enough to describe the Jersey Shore.


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