Carl Beane Dies in Car Accident

Carl Beane, the Fenway Park public address announcer died Wednesday in a one car accident in Sturbridge. He was driving home on Holland road when he suffered a heart attack and went off the road, hitting a tree and wall. Beane spent nine years as the announcer, and was a unforgettable voice heard at Fenway Park. Carl made the “Fenway experience” even more unforgettable.

The Red Sox are planning on opening up Thursday nights games with a ceremony for the annoncer. He had a dream as a kid to play in the majors, but he never got the chance to play. He then settled for an announcer. He has announced games for the Boston Red Sox since 2003; and has announced two world series for the Red Sox. Although he was announced for the majors, he also went to local high school and little league games to support the area. He also had a dream to be in the Baseball hall of Fame, and that dream came true too. He was a tour guide that worked there.

Carl Beane will never be forgotten in Red Sox history, nor will he ever be replaced. He was one of the best announcers in the majors and always gave back to the community. He made the experience of visiting Fenway Park even more of a blast and made the most beloved ballpark even better.


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