America’s favorite trainwreck: Dance Moms!

Dance Moms might just be the new american favorite reality show. Dance Moms is a reality show about a dance studio in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Abby Lee Dance Company trains kids at an early age to become professional dancers. However, Abby does receive a lot of criticism for how she treats her dancers and their moms. She’s known for her sharp mouth and her provocative dances that always seem to win.
The show features 6 girls ages 6-14 and their crazy moms. These girls are part of Abby’s competition team and are extremely talented. They place first almost everywhere they go and their known for their skill. They learn at least 1 new dance every week and have 3 or 4 days to practice until they have to go and compete. As the cameras follow these girls from practice to competition we get to see a peak into the life of competition dance. It has been voted America’s Favorite Trainwreck. The moms always have a huge blowout with Abby and some moms have made it clear that as soon as their contract expires they will not return to Abby’s studio because of the way she treats them. The moms cannot stand her but America loves her. And then we cannot forgot about MacKenzie. She’s the youngest girl on the team and she is also the little sister of the best girl on the team. In the interviews you can always expect a cute comment from her. She always wears the cutest dancewear and i’m positive she is not anyone’s least favorite dancer. MacKenzie doesn’t usually dance in the group dances, but she has the cutest solos and even made Abby cry once. We also have Maddy who is always at the top of the pyramid and is clearly Abby’s favorite on the team. Abby favoriting Maddy causes a lot of drama. Next comes Chloe the second best and usually referred to as the underdog to Maddy. Abby constantly tears Chloe down and has made her cry on numerous occasions but Chloe will usually be able to put all that aside on stage and put on a beautiful performance; however, she did forget her solo twice last season. Then we have Paige who is best friends with Chloe and Brooke’s younger sister. Paige is known for being gorgeous and having extremely long skinny legs. Abby doesn’t pay much attention to Paige and she rarely gets solos but she usually gets a trio with Maddy and Chloe. There is a lot of conflict with her mom, Kelly, and Abby about how she never pays attention to Paige or Brooke. Brooke is the oldest one on the team and used to be Abby’s favorite but now she pays little attention to her. Brooke has extreme flexibility and wants to be in Cirque de Soleil when she grows up. When Brooke gets a solo her costumes are usually ugly and everyone pretty much agrees. Brooke doesn’t always want to go to dance because she is a lot older than the other girls. Lastly, we have Nia. A lot of people don’t like Nia as much because she’s not as skinny as the other girls and she’s not as good but she’s really good at acro. Her mom starts a lot of drama and seems to be little people quite often. Her mom always thinks Abby is being racist against Nia, which i don’t think is the case. I think that Holly takes things way too personally and lots of fans agree.
Dance Moms will be starting their third season in June and I personally cannot wait. My favorite dancer is Brooke and it’s sad to know that when her contract expires she will not be coming back to Abby’s studio but I hope she continues dancing and one day joins Cirque de Soleil. I also cannot wait to see what cute comments MacKenzie makes as well as Chloe who makes really cute comments also. MacKenzie’s comments are little kid ones that are just adorable and Chloe is a sweetheart so her comments are so sweet and genuine. I hope Dance Moms gets a fourth season!

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