Will Bobcats Break NBA Record?

ImageThe Charlotte Bobcats were not intentionally bad this season, but they are quickly cruising towards earning the record of the NBA’s worst winning percentage of all time. As the last night of the season, the Bobcats will take on the New York Knicks in hopes of redeeming themselves and not being remembered by the NBA as the worst basketball team in history. As it sits right now at halftime, the Bobcats are only down by two points, which can easily be made up within the starting seconds of the second half. The Bobcats have the best chance possible to be able to avoid losing this game because the Knicks have decided to sit out their top players, usually starting, Anthony, Chandler and Davis. With this advantage for the Bobcats, I am hoping that they will be able to pull it together for one more game, and be known as the team that ALMOST became the worst in history, and that they will redeem themselves in the following seasons.

Starting tonight with their best players, the Bobcats will hope for the early lead, which they actually came quite close to getting. The Bobcats top performer tonight has been Gerald Henderson, scoring 8 points, 5 rebounds and 3 assists. D.J. White and D.J. Augustin have also performed well tonight, each scoring 9 points within the first half against the Knicks. Kemba Walker follows these scorers with 6 points of his own. The Charlotte Bobcats have the skill, ability and the potential to pull a win against the Knicks today, but they have to stay positive and fight to the last second no matter what is thrown in their way. With the Bobcats determination, they should be able to edge the Knicks and dodge the bullet of being the worst team in NBA history. With the Bobcats doing their best, they have the possibility of redeeming themselves and proving, once and for all, that they are in the NBA for a reason, because they are good basketball players, and for no reason other than the talent and skill that they possess. With that, the team is able to prove their worth as part of the NBA, and hopefully, in the future, a force to be reckoned with.

As a conclusion, The Charlotte Bobcats have a potential for greatness in the future and with a bit of luck, we will win this match-up against the Knicks and make history in a different, more positive way than being the worst team in the entire history of the National Basketball Association. To do this feat, they must put everything they have into the game, and they just might pull it out.


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