Social Media: Good or Bad?

Photo Credit: Artur Coelho

Social media is not appropriate for middle schoolers. They are not mature enough, and they need to learn to be more safe online. Middle schoolers can easily get distracted from school and studies, consequently lowering their grades, and students can be revealed to inappropriate material online. They should be taught to be safe and the procedure of what to do if they are in trouble.

Photo Credit: Thomas Hendele

Social media can be deadly and needs to be used appropriately. Students can easily spend hours aimlessly surfing through Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and YouTube, etc., and they do not realize that they have not finished their homework or forget that there is a huge assignment due the next day. There are students who are on these websites during a class period in school, not paying any attention to what the teacher is saying. Also, information posted is permanently stored in a database, even if that post is deleted people can still find it.  Whatever is on the web will alway be on the web and cannot be removed. Now a days colleges are looking at some Facebooks. If they find something bad, then they might reject you. Social media might contain sex offenders and predators. MySpace confirmed in February of 2009 that 90,000 sex offenders had false profiles and Facebook did not admit how many they had. If MySpace and Facebook tried to remove these offenders they have no way to to stop them from creating another fake account. Social media opens more dangers than just criminals and dangerous people. It also opens to cyber bullying, and there is a lot of talk about this. Kids are being teased online and rumors can be passed more easily; they are being threatened that if they tell they will die or get injured in some way. The kids get scared and do not tell their parents making the situation worse, and easier for the bully. There are suicides that occur from cyber bullying and they need to be stopped. Social media needs to be controlled and be more thoroughly explained to children.

Social media can have a huge negative effect on children under the correct age. Always create a Facebook or MySpace account with parent or guardian’s permission because having a secret one can lead to some terrible situations. Middle schoolers should not use social media.


4 thoughts on “Social Media: Good or Bad?

  1. Sahithn, I can see where you’re coming from in your post. With all the hype of social media and benefits there are also some negative aspects one might see esperically at a younger age. As you said things like middle school students are less mature and are distracted with social media.

    I say, why not try to incorporate social media with the class work. I think we should educate students and teachers on how to use social media effectively, both in a personal and professional manner. There are many benefits to using social media other than being able to chat with friends. Often times I get inspiration from what I see other people talking about. I also am able to colloborate with my peers. As I am not in middle school I can relate as much as you, but here’s an article that could help explain my point –

    If students understand how to use the platforms and the communities on these platforms, then things like cyber bullying and privacy concerns wouldn’t be as big of an issue.

    What in your eyes do you see as a benefit for middle schoolers to use social media?

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