Why Rivera Isn’t Just a Loss for the Yankees

Photo Credit: Keith Allison

On May 3, 2012, while shagging fly balls in the outfield, Mariano Rivera fell on the warning track, tearing his right ACL. Mo, the all time saves leader, has the lowest ERA among active pitchers right now and has been almost immune from injuries throughout his career. He plays a pivotal role on the Yankees, especially in their bullpen. Rivera is a tremendous loss for the Yankees, but he is also a huge loss for baseball.

Mariano Rivera is a loss to the Yankees and MLB for multiple reasons. Throughout his 15 years as a closer for the Yankees, Mo has recorded 608 saves, and he is almost guaranteed to be a first ballot hall of famer. Regardless of his statistics, Rivera plays an important leadership role on the team, while being able to bring a sense calmness on the mound, even after he has made a mistake. A closer with strong mental toughness is hard to come by, and he is the best in the business when it comes to that category. The Yankees will certainly miss Mo this season, especially when it gets into postseason play. Despite the Yankees being pretty much hated throughout baseball, the sport will certainly miss Rivera. He is respected and loved by everyone throughout the league. For example, on opening day in Fenway during the start of the 2010 season everyone, except one, was booed on the Yankees; Mo was cheered. Because he does not talk trash or get into any trouble, all fans respect Rivera and his skillset. Nonetheless, after a somber postgame interview when Mo said he did not know if he would ever pitch again, he came back confidently, promising to pitch again in 2013. Though no one knows when his surgery will take place, he is determined not to go out like this. Rivera’s confidence is a great sign for the Yanks.

Mariano Rivera’s legacy will never die, but all of baseball will surely miss his clutch pitching, calm attitude, and his cutter. His work on and off the field makes it nearly impossible for anyone to hate him. Hopefully, if all goes well, Mo will be out there on the mound doing what he loves and knows best.


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