The End is Coming…

A nice shady umbrella on the beach.

Finally, the end of the school year approaches closer every day. We, the students, are starting to think about summertime, so we neglect our school duties. This doesn’t mean we should stop trying all together. I will give good reasons why we as students should continue doing our best effort for the rest of the year.

Many of us are guilty of failing to pass in assignments on the correct date or even occasionally coming late to school. Is it really worth it not doing assignments? Many do not realize what impact missing or late assignments can have on their grade. An A- could go to a B+ or even a B from just from homework not being turned in. Grades might be impacted from inadequate participation in class. Next, are the rapidly approaching finals. Homework is a great way to prepare for the exams. If you fall behind on your homework, you might find the finals overwhelmingly difficult. If your grades have dropped too low, you might have to go to summer school. Wouldn’t that be a great waste of your relaxing summer? Starting summer  relaxation too soon is not a good idea, put your time in now because it will pay off later.

Summertime is coming, don’t let lazy habits have an impact. A good work ethic is necessary now and later in life. Don’t let your summertime be at stake, so work now, relax later.


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