Ski Safari

Ski Safari is a new game in which you are a skier. It’s amazing cartoon graphics help make it the best game out there. At the beginning of the game, you are sleeping in a cabin,  when suddenly an avalanche roars down a hill. The bed slips out of a rock, and it hits a rock. Your bed turns into a skis and you start your adventure. To gain speed, you go through cabins and jump off ramps and hills. You have to tap to jump, and you have to hold down on the screen to do backflips. This game provides endless hours of fun.

Okay, so after you start doing all these tricks and stunts, you gain speed. A trail of fire comes from the back, and it changes color every time you do a trick with the previous color flame. This is necessary because you have to keep away from the avalanche. However, those tricks aren’t the best part. The best part is definitely hitching the rides on the animals. During the ride, you will encounter many animals running with you away from the avalanche. You can hitch a ride on any of them to go faster. The penguin provides less speed, but it allows you to do more tricks easier. The yeti gives a little more speed, but also a greater difficulty of tricks. The eagle is a savior from avalanches. It is extremely hard to catch, but if you hold down on the screen it will start to fly and save you from avalanches. The best ride is the snowmobile. It is located in some cabins, once you get to a great distance. It is insanely fast and so much fun to ride. It makes you jump a long distance. This unlocks one of the challenges which is to jump 1000 meters. Challenges allow you to rank up and unlock new stuff. For example, once you reach the Yeti General rank, instead of a ski, you get a eagle to start. These drive you to do better in the game.

All of these features of Ski Safari make it the best game on the app store. It provides endless hours of fun. “Ski Safari is a game that won’t get you bored”, says Caleb. He also rates 4.5 out of 5. Also, this game is good for everyone. Teenagers, grown ups, and even little kids can enjoy this game. I would rate this game 10 out of 10 because I can’t get bored. It is so much fun, and I can’t put it down.


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