Brand New from O.P.I.!!

Painting nails is an activity that most people enjoy doing in their free time. Almost every person who paints their nails can agree that they will smudge or mess up at some point. The O.P.I. Gel Nail Polish is the best thing anyone can do for themselves. There is limited drying time, the polish stays on for two weeks, and it looks nicer than normal nail polish.

The drying time for O.P.I. Gel Nail Polish is extremely short. Smudging and chipping, normal nail polish must be overlooked for a long time when drying out. If one were to accidentally smudge it on something while waiting for the polish to dry, it becomes an inconvenience to repaint it. With the Gel Nail Polish, the nails are dry immediately. To get these results, each coat must be put under a UV light for exactly thirty seconds. This UV light is a unique way to get perfect nails, shining and pretty. The polish is instantly dry and ready to be touched by anything, even water. Another great aspect of O.P.I. Gel Nail Polish is the fact that it will not chip or come off for two weeks. The polish, adhering strongly to the nail bed with the help from the UV light, does not allow for chipped polish. A benefit of this is the fact that it allows the nail to grow without any disturbances, like a broken nail. Breaking a nail is a terrible occurrence for anyone who is trying to grow their nails to be very long. The nail also becomes much stronger with the gel on it. Lastly, normal nail polish can look tacky and underdone. Most people find it much easier to buy CVS brand nail polish, which is going to chip within a day. To get professional-like results while doing nails, it is recommended to purchase a system like O.P.I. Gel Nails. The top coat gives a very nice look to the nail. It makes it hard, and completely unable to be scratched or tampered with.

Making the nail look shiny, long, and professional looking is what the O.P.I. Gel Nail Polish was made for. With limited drying time, long lasting polish, and great appearance, the Gel Nail Polish is a great investment.


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