Bobby Valentine Cause of the Problem?

The Boston Red Sox, were and maybe still be one of the better teams in the MLB.  They have had a great deal of history with curses.  Last season, the Red Sox after a devastating September, fired one of their greatest managers, Terry Francona.  Coming into this new season, they were filled with doubt and mystery surrounding their new candidate for manager, Bobby Valentine.  Signing Bobby Valentine, was a huge mistake.   He made frequent bad calls, calling unnecessary bunts.  He needs to know when bunting is acceptable.  Learning from your mistakes is normal, but when you keep making them it becomes unacceptable.  With their poor starting performance so far, I’m not too

Photo Cred: Nick Stepsure how long Valentine will stay.

The Red Sox, are not doing well this year, but have had a increasing performance of their winning streak.  He made a few mistakes, in his return to the managerial world, but he needs to learn from it.  The whole Youkilis problem is just crazy.  He bashed Youkilis, questioning his commitment to the team.  Daniel Bard, a relief pitcher last year for the Red Sox switched over to starting games.  When a pitcher switches his role from relief to starter, he will get tired.  Bobby Valentine however left him in.  Leaving a relief pitcher in too long can result in disaster.  It’s hard to pitch an entire game when switching over.  He also made terrible mistakes by putting in the wrong pitcher to pitch to right handed batters.  To top it all off he bit into the baseball like a apple.

Overall this was certainly not one of Valentine’s weeks.  He is repeating his mistakes, and hurting the Red Sox even more.  He is constantly saying sorry and then repeating his poor judgement.  In my opinion he need to learn when to change things up.  His predecessor Francona was fired for his lack of spirit in the game, and his control over the clubhouse.  Valentine has not performed out of game and most especially in game, so I honestly don’t see why the Red Sox are keeping him.


One thought on “Bobby Valentine Cause of the Problem?

  1. I think that there are some very good points being made here. However, the Red Sox will probably – unless something big happens – keep Valentine until the end of the season. It would be too hard to try and find a new general manager at this point in the season, and it would be much easier to find one in between seasons.

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