Was it the next Lucky One?

The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks was recently turned into a movie and quickly became a hit. Bringing in 65 million on its release worldwide and ranked #2 opening weekend it was clearly a success. Having read the book I think that it was a great portrayal of the story and the actors were chosen perfectly.The story line stayed on track with the book and most of the drama was showed in the movie.

At the movies there were a bunch of different ages, although mostly girls. I think the movie may have been such a hit because of the casting, many people may have just wanted to see Zac Efron on the big screen.Zac Efron, who played Logan Thibault, was a perfect match and he was exactly how I had pictured Logan to be. In the movie Logan Thibault is a 25 year-old boy who had just returned from 3 tours in Iraq. He found his way to Beth, played by Taylor Schilling, by stumbling upon a picture of her in the rubble remaining from an attack. Instead of Logan explaining how and why he found her, he went for a job at Beth’s dog kennel.

Confused at why Logan is there, Beth decides to hire him. A majority of the movie is Logan and Beth falling in love and Logan helping to raise her son also, while trying to deal with her rude ex-husband. The end of the movie is a little rushed but it adds a lot of drama to the whole movie.

Zac Efron and Taylor did a great job at becoming their characters and really taking on the job completely. Zac Efron may still be seen as the boy from High School Musical but with this role he shows how great of an actor he actually has become. I have never seen Taylor in a movie before, but I think she is a very

good actress. Overall, I think that this movie was very good, I would mainly recommend it for girls from ages 13-18. I wouldn’t recommend bringing your Dad or Brother along, considering they may not appreciate Zac Efron as much as the rest of us!


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