The Perfect Dog

These days many people believe that beagles are disobedient, bad with kids, and high maintenance dogs. That is not true. Having loved beagles from an early age, I know that they are very good dogs to have, especially if you have kids. Because beagles are obedient, great with kids, and low maintenance, they are a great dog to have.

First off, beagles are quite obedient dogs. They will listen to you. You simply need to know how to train them. Having two beagles myself, I know the procedure and it is very simple. According to, “they respond well to food rewards and to… training.” For example, when I first brought home my dogs, I immediately went online and to bookstores for books on dog training. When I began training them, my first command was “sit”. To make them understand what they were doing right and what they were doing wrong, I feed them dog treats every time they sat on command. They soon caught on. They still remember it till this day. Training a beagle is obviously very simple and honestly quite fun.

Secondly, beagles are great with kids. It is simply a misconception to think that beagles are too rough to have around your children. rates beagles with a 10/10 when it comes to good with children. They know how much affection to give without overwhelming the child. Beagles are not prone to biting and are very gentle. My beagles are always cautious when meeting little kids. They do not want to scare the child. So, the belief of beagles being bad with kids can go out the window.

Lastly, beagles are quite low maintenance dogs. Being a beagle owner, I know they do not shed too much and they, as I’ve said before, are easy to train. Beagles typically weigh about 18-35 pounds. So moving around with them is not a hassle. Personally, my dogs do not really shed and were housetrained by the first 6 months. Beagles are clearly easy to handle dogs.

It is obvious to see that beagles are indeed spectacular dogs. They love running and spending time with you. All in all, with a beagle, you can’t go wrong.


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