The Major League Baseball season is hot still. Playing the twins, the Red Sox are the big topic. They have lost most of their outfielders this year. Going back home after the three game series after the twins and the White Sox’s. At home they are expected to play the Athletics, and the Baltimore Orioles.

The baseball season leaders are Matt Kemp the average leader with a .445 average. The homerun leader is Matt Kemp with nine not a very good feeling to be in. The Runs batted in leader is Andre Either with twenty-two not to be scared is the teammate is behind him. Leading Dodgers, one of the best offensive teams.  In order to play the game you need pitching. Kyle Loshe the biggest surprise of the year as three wins to lead the majors. Brandon Beachy as the lowest earned run average, leading with a 0.47. My favorite stat has to be the saves because it shows the really great bullpen pitchers. That is Javy Guerra with seven games closed to lead the National league and the Major League.
So with the hitting my early favorites have to be the Dodgers remember it isn’t over till its over. That is a famous quote from the great Yogi Beare. So since the season is long it looks that the Red Sox’s are the total difference from the Dodgers. So this is looking as one of the best seasons that baseball has ever seen.


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