Uniforms or Dress Code?

The girls dress code at Worcester Academy has many difficulties. I think that all the girls should have a uniform. Although the dress is very strict, people still break it. I feel that we should have a uniform. It would be a lot easier and people could not break it. The boys dress code is simple shirt and tie. The girls have to follow a lot of rules. We used to have to wear belts. I personally think that the teachers think that the girls do not want a uniform but almost all of the girls in the 8th grade do.

The girls have to wear polos in the spring. In the winter time girls have to wear button up shirts, and sweaters. The boys have to wear polos, and a shirt and tie. Although the boys complain about their dress code, they complain about ours more. The boys complain about our dress code more than we do. We complain that it is not strict enough and they complain about how we get away with not wearing dress code. I have noticed that the 8th and 6th grade class are mostly all in dress code everyday. They 7th grade class is not as much.

I feel strongly about giving Worcester Academy students a dress code. Although some might be against it, it would make us look more proper. If we all matched we would look more like Worcester Academy students. I hope in the future that we will have a uniform.


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