To Infinity and Beyond!

Located in Orlando, Florida, Walt Disney World is one of the best places on Earth.  Another part is located in the southwestern part of Orange County.  Orlando’s population is only 238,300 people, but locals and tourists from all around the world visit WDW approximately 46.37 million times a year.

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Florida typically has two main seasons, a hot, humid, and rainy summer season and a dry, warm, sometimes even cold winter.  The average daily temperature varies from high seventies to nineties.  This is perfect weather for a day in the park, at the hotel, or at the water park!  WDW has four main parks; Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios.  Each park has a special icon that is the focal point of the park. For example, Animal Kingdom has the Tree of Life and Hollywood Studios has the Giant Sorcerer’s hat from the famous movie Fantasmic.  Magic Kingdom is the most popular park with the biggest variety of rides.  There are water rides, roller-coasters, and even teacup rides and magic carpet rides for little kids.  This park is also split up into five areas or as they call it lands.  Each has a different theme; Fantasyland is based on Disney animated characters and princesses, Tomorrowland is based on the future and what Disney can do for the kids of the future, Frontierland is based on the American frontier, Adventureland is based on exotic places of adventure, and Liberty Square is based on colonial America.

Disney World has other attractions for people with different interests.  There is a famous sports complex, a wedding pavilion, and a huge shopping center called downtown Disney.  There are also thirty-three resort and hotels on the WDW grounds with daily buses to all the theme parks and water parks.


Disney World, based on family, has attractions that accommodate people of all ages. Whether you are going with your husband or wife or your three year old, you are sure to make memories you will never forget!  Walt Disney World is a great place to bring family and friends.  You are sure to have a great time.  This is why Walt Disney World is the best place on Earth.


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