Techno-teaching…Good or Bad

Photo Credit: Old Shoe Woman

Many teachers are using technology to teach students. Things such as videos, smartboards, quizlets, online textbooks and tablets are taking education by force. Is it a good change, or a bad one? Is it a good thing to have 80% of what the average child learns to be on a computer or iPad? Will this change help the child or not? Will they lose valuable skills, or gain more skills?

I feel that techno-teaching can do nothing but improve. It is especially promising to the generation of kids who are now below the age of 5. These children, surrounded by iPads, iPhones and other tablets, will be completely comfortable with technology. By the time they are our age, not using technology on a daily basis will be obsolete. It will be unheard of. Instead of handing out sheets of paper with notes in class, they will be emailing notes to students. Tests will not be taken on paper in the future. However, tests can be administered online through online education resources such as Schoology. Stop and think for a moment. Stop and realize what this means. Allow the whole concept to sink in. No papers, no binders and no textbooks need to be used. Burdened with backpacks, students loathe homework. They don’t like to have big backpacks. Instead, the only thing they will have to carry to school is their computer. All of your work is on the cloud. All of your classes use online resources like Schoology and google docs. Students will be able to get any notes for upcoming quizzes and tests in email or online. Textbooks will be online. Don’t think this isn’t going to happen? Look at all the big education companies. Why do you think Pearson, McGraw Hill and many other companies are making online textbooks? Because that is the future. That is where we will ultimately go with education. The art of education went from writing on clay tablets in the Babylonian times to homeschooling to schools, both public and private. This is the next milestone in education. Almost every environmentalist in the world is screaming that we need to save paper. Why not get rid of it completely? Why not make the whole world a digital paradise?

Overall, I feel that techno-teaching is the way to go. This is the future. This is the way we are headed with education. Elated, students will gladly step up to using technology far more in school than we do now.  Technology can make life a lot better.


One thought on “Techno-teaching…Good or Bad

  1. The interesting thing about technology is that so many new tools are invented, and so much changes in such a short period of time. It’s difficult to predict where we will be in five or ten years. It’s amazing to think about it, but the iPad is only about two years old, and it has changed so much about the way we read, use the Internet, and communicate.

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