Should the NBA had a season this year.

December 8, 2011, the National Basketball League Lockout is lifted. After one hundred and sixty one days of no talk about the NBA. Playing the Money game, the National Basketball League is one of the famous sports in Massachusetts. The big reason is that the season is a big  waste of money.
During the season, Players got injured with leg, arms, and even backs. Derrick Rose in the postseason tore his ACL. Joined by his teammates after the injury because this a Significant.  Named the Most Valuable player last season with the Chicago Bulls.  Going with the significant losses with the greatest player of the years. Some past All Stars have, compressed  season with the smaller season. Some Players are Jermaine O’Neal, Ray Allen, Derrick Rose, Chauncey Billups, Kevin Love, Rickey Rubio, Jeremy Lin, and Dwight Howard are all All Stars. Since the All Sats are injured they are questionable for the start of next year. This year was all about the money because the league would of lost millions of dollars.

I believe that this season was about the youth of the National Basketball league. It was far to the young with the movability, but not to the old people. The celtics average age is 30 years old. So with two games in two days caused most of the injured players. To play most of the games you need youth and talent with the great players. In the push the old people mean a lot. So you want them to be healthy. So with the compressed season the elders got hurt much more then the youth. If Shaquille O’Neal was playing he would only played around twelve games. So in the Truth this Season was a waste. In my personal opinion this season was all about the money. The National Basketball League is all about the money and not about the game and the other players.

One thought on “Should the NBA had a season this year.

  1. I like the blog. The lockout was one of the biggest sport’s story’s of the year. The lockout did benefit the older teams who were slower and tired.

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