Pretty Little Liars!

The popular ABC family tv show, Pretty Little Liars, has been a major success throughout the first two seasons. The show, received over 3 million views on certain episodes, gained a large audience. The show focuses on four high school girls who receive messages from a mysterious “A”. The show has an interesting storyline, following the girls through high school. It keeps viewers on the edge of their seat with many surprises. Every episode leads into the next, giving the viewers more clues and continuing the plot.

Picture Credit: rafa.reinheimer

Pretty Little Liars has a gripping storyline, full of mystery and suspense. The show focuses on five girls, Alison, Aria, Emily, Spencer, and Hanna, but one of them are dead. The first episode tells the viewers how on one mysterious evening, Alison suddenly disappears and a year later if found dead by murder. Now, Aria, Emily, Spencer, and Hanna are left to figure out who murdered Alison. Soon the girls start to receive text messages from an unknown number from a person who calls themself “A”. A tortures the girls, and claims to be Alison’s murderer. Each girl is dealing with her own drama, and A just makes it worse. Many characters introduced in the first season, are all possible suspects of Alison’s murder. However, many characters are important and help the viewers understand more about the girls’ lives. Each character is suspenseful and secretive in their own way, adding to the show’s excellence. In the second season, the viewers find out more about A. Emily, Spencer, Aria, and Hanna have to deal with their own personal problems along with A. They continue to lie to their families and friends in order to deal with A and their own drama. The second season finale, filled with many cliffhangers, had revealed who A was. Although the next season will not start until June, many viewers are trying to piece together information to figure out what is coming next. The show is entertaining for many people to watch because most people can relate to at least one of the girls’ problems, such as family, friends, or relationships. Even though the show is mainly for teenagers, many adults enjoy watching the show as well. The show is also very intense, keeping viewers interested throughout the entire series. Each episode leaves the viewer wanting to see more, not being able to wait for the next episode. Each episode is filled with suspense, humor, intensity, and much more. There is at least one cliffhanger at the end of every episode, making sure that not everything is revealed. The show has many surprises and it is extremely unpredictable. People who like drama and suspense should definitely watch this show.

Pretty Little Liars is a engrossing tv show filled with suspense, drama, and some humor. It captivates viewers with cliffhangers and it leaves them wanting to find out more. Almost anyone can relate to parts of the show. It is very entertaining to watch, filled with many surprises, it keeps the viewers interested the whole time. The four girls, Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer, each have something to offer to the show. This show is a must watch for anyone who likes suspenseful and dramatic tv shows.


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